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Indoor Plant Pots

Calling all planters and interior designers! Indoor plant pots are available for your gardening and decorative purposes!

Indoor plant pots come in a variety of types, shapes and sizes. They are used commonly for decorative and real indoor plants. They can also be used as is without plants, that is as accessories in corners and on shelves. Indoor plant pots compliment the smallest room to the largest space in the house and makes a boring place look more pleasant and attractive.

Let us take a look at indoor plant pots made of different materials:

Clay Indoor Plant Pots:
Clay indoor plant pots have been around for almost forever. The rustic and antique look adds a delightful feature to any indoor setting. Clay plant pots are usually ceramic, earthenware or terra cotta. Glazed clay indoor plant pots are common as well. They add a glossy shine and color to create more variety to its kind. You might notice that plants in clay pots need watering more often. This is because the wall of clay pots that are not glazed absorbs the water. Clay pots require a dish under them to catch dripping water.

Plastic Indoor Plant Pots:
Plastic indoor plant pots are the cheapest of all pots. It also weighs the lightest, making it very portable. They make a great alternative to clay pots. They come in many different shapes but the most common include round, square, and rectangle. Plastic indoor plant pots usually come with a drainage tray of some sort to catch the excess water, keeping your surface clean and dry. A plant in a plastic flower pot can be a great display in any room.

Steel Indoor Plant Pots:
Steel indoor plant pots look more stylish and fit better in modern settings. Imagine one in your home or on office windowsill. There are also great hanging steel plant pots that look very modern and elegant. When shopping for a steel indoor plant pot, choose one that has a zinc coating instead of a pot that is just made of plain galvanized steel. Although galvanized steel lasts for years, it still corrodes over time. It will be wise to display steel indoor plant pots in places where there is good air circulation.

If you are a planter wanting to display indoor plants, give these different materials a try so that you can view your options and compare them yourself. You can also search online for indoor plant pot customer reviews and different pot designs or you can visit any home improvement store for more information.

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